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Cloud Phone Service & PBX

Business Voice Over IP (VoIP) solution with crystal clear calling, 24/7 reliability, and can help you save up to 60% off your monthly phone bill.


What is Managed Cloud PBX?

Cloud PBX, also known as cloud calling, is a type of Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) that offers voice communication services through a third party host. UCaaS replaces the need for conventional enterprise telephone systems, such as PBX. Cloud telephony services can be web- or applications-based.

One Size Does Not Fit All

Your organization’s needs are unique. ParJenn provides VoIP services through their partnership with Amp Telecom with a tailored solution to the implementation and on-going management of your telephone service. As your business grows or changes, ParJenn will be with you to execute those changing needs at a moment’s notice.

Implementation – What to Expect

Like every tailored suit, measurements are always necessary to ensure a proper fit. Your cloud telephone service is no different.

An assessment of your network is usually the best place to start the implementation of your new service. With a network assessment, we can make sure that your local area network and broadband connection are configured to provide the best and most secure Voice over IP experience possible.

The next step is to determine your communication needs in plain language. During this stage, it is best to describe how you would like your incoming calls to be handled. Should calls be diverted after hours to voicemail? Are there special greetings you would like to include? Do you want a custom Music on Hold? Should overflow calls enter a calling queue or be sent to a general voicemail?

Daily Life & On-Going

Management Life is change, but it doesn’t have to be painful or even uncomfortable with your cloud telephone service. Just dial 1-2-3 and let us know what you need. We can usually make the change by the end of the day. It really is that simple.

  • Powerful

    Innovative enterprise telecom features include call recording, call routing menus (IVR), call monitoring, voicemail-to-email, fax-to-email, conference calls, presence (BLF), extension directories, follow me, and so much more.

  • Secure

    Transport Layer Security (TLS) and Secure Realtime Transport Protocol (SRTP) keep the communication channel encrypted between you and the phones servers. TLS encrypts the communication details and SRTP encrypts the conversation.

  • Affordable

    High-quality, low-cost business phone service for reaching valued customers and business partners. Get direct inbound dialing phone numbers in any city in the world with the lowest international long-distance rates!

  • Easy

    A start-to-finish managed phone solution for your business, saving you the expense of high-priced staffing and outsourcing. At ParJenn, we customize your service to meet your business needs.

  • BYOD

    ParJenn’s phone solution is compatible with practically every SIP/VOIP telephones on the market. Bring your phones over any additional expense or take advantage of our free telephone promotion.

  • Flexible

    Use ours or your favorite soft-phone on your desktop, tablet, and mobile phone. With a soft-phone, telephone calls to and from extension go your mobile phone as if your were sitting at your desk.  Your personal mobile phone number stays personal!

Our Managed Cloud Telephony services will simplify your life!

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Powerful, Affordable, and Advanced Features

  • router-1807_67aa302b-3a94-46a7-aa3d-66b8928a87d7

    Admin & User Portal

    The Admin & User Portal is a convenient and intuitive website where users can configure their Follow Me features, see their call recordings, review their stored faxes, and listen to their voicemails.

  • telephone-operator-4682_c9489618-836b-47ec-8489-e15f613cb10c

    API Access

    API Access provides developers with an easy and standard mechanism to integrate ParJenn’s services with their own applications and services.

  • computer-network-1878_39828809-88f9-48e1-9a76-61c99401ec99

    Automated Attendant

    The Automated Attendant is like having your own receptionist handling all of your incoming calls. Route your calls based on the incoming telephone number, time of day, Caller ID of the incoming call, caller input, and more.

  • settings-server-1872_2e41baf2-8789-4215-b430-db35c3899936

    Automatic Call Distributor (ACD)

    The Automatic Call Distributor uses a combination of strategies to advance callers to different tiers of extensions or groups of extensions.

  • source-code-1754_2b435bd8-ce76-4910-8137-7d07a3557fa3

    Business Continuity

    With Business Continuity, your phone system will continue handling calls even if the power is out at your office. Further, your faxes, voicemails, and recorded calls remain securely stored with ParJenn regardless what may happen at the office.

  • add-image-5030_dcf585b8-8f3d-48ad-8579-a4ad56d14ba6

    Call Menus (Virtual Receptionist / Interactive
    Voice Response / IVR)

    Call Menus are technically know as Interactive Voice Response (IVR). A Call Menu is a pre-recorded list of choices a caller can select to be routed to the correct department.

  • add-image-5030_dcf585b8-8f3d-48ad-8579-a4ad56d14ba6


    Enhanced 911 (E-911) is the Voice over IP version of the traditional 9-1-1 emergency dispatch service.

  • add-image-5030_dcf585b8-8f3d-48ad-8579-a4ad56d14ba6

    HIPAA Compliance

    ParJenn treats and protects confidential patient information with the care and security required by HIPAA compliant organizations, as required by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

  • add-image-5030_dcf585b8-8f3d-48ad-8579-a4ad56d14ba6

    Included US-48 Long Distance

    ParJenn includes free long distance calling to
    telephone numbers within the contiguous United States.

  • add-image-5030_dcf585b8-8f3d-48ad-8579-a4ad56d14ba6

    Office Anywhere

    Remote Extensions offer the ability to work from anywhere. Organizations with satellite offices or remote employees can enjoy the benefits of using their telephones as if everyone worked in the same office location.

  • add-image-5030_dcf585b8-8f3d-48ad-8579-a4ad56d14ba6

    Managed Solution

    Your core business is probably not working on telephone systems. ParJenn will set up and manage your telephone system and service so that you can focus on what you do best – running your business!

  • add-image-5030_dcf585b8-8f3d-48ad-8579-a4ad56d14ba6

    Music on Hold

    Music on Hold is the audio stream that callers hear
    when they are put on hold.

And more than 30 additional features to fit the needs of any company, whether you’re a one-man-show or have thousands of employees scattered all over the globe!


Our services provide a unheard of range of benefits, included in the same affordable price. Let us save you money today!

  • Control Your Telecom Costs

    You can scale your Costs for telecommunications according to your requirements and only pay for what you need. Whether that be increasing or decreasing staff, adding more lines or even purchasing new equipment.

  • Trusted Telecom advisor

    Through regular account management meetings your Managed IT service company will be able to oversee your overall IT road map, including telecom, and become your trusted advisor.

  • Economy of scale

    As your business grows, its support structure needs to grow, too. When you use a managed IT service you can scale your business up or down with nothing more than a simple phone call.

  • Increased efficiency

    You’ll have your IT needs outsourced to a team of IT experts, and during times where you need additional project support, your managed IT provider supplies the extra staff.

  • Small initial investment

    Managed Telecom services help you offset the initial investment of technology costs. Rather than spending thousands of dollars on hardware and software upfront, we have programs to fit any budget.

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