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Navigating the First 10 Days as a vCISO with a New Client

“In a quaint village nestled between rolling hills and dense forests, a young apprentice named Eli was learning to throw pottery from a master potter. On the first day by the riverbank, the master potter emphas...

AI Security Risks
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Regulatory Role in Minimizing AI Security Risks: A Guide

With Artificial Intelligence (AI) becoming more pervasive within different industries, its transformational power arrives with considerable security threats. AI is moving faster than policy, whereas the lightni...

Cybersecurity Data Breach Hacking Information Security

Inside the $370,000 Ransom Payment: AT&T Data Leak Exposes 110 Million Customers

AT&T recently faced a significant cybersecurity breach involving its Snowflake account, leading to the company allegedly paying a ransom to prevent further data leakage. According to various reports, the te...

Cyber Awareness
Awareness Cybersecurity Ransomware

10 Easy Steps to Building a Culture of Cyber Awareness

Cyberattacks are a constant threat in today’s digital world. Phishing emails, malware downloads, and data breaches. They can cripple businesses and devastate personal lives. Employee error is the reason m...

Cybersecurity Data Breach Hacking Information Security

The Ticketmaster Breach: How Hackers Stole Taylor Swift Tickets

In a series of unsettling developments, Ticketmaster, the global ticket sales and distribution company, has once again fallen victim to a major cybersecurity breach. This time, hackers claim to have obtained ba...

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The Role of AI in Shaping National Cybersecurity Strategies for Governments

When we speak about cybersecurity threats, there is nothing riskier and troublesome than the complexity of a modern country, where the digital has taken over all day-to-day operations. Moreover, governments and...

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