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Why Office 365/Microsoft 365

Enable + Accelerate Your Business with Office 365

Email has become such an essential business tool that it’s difficult to imagine we survived without it, and—like everything else in the technology world—there have  been many improvements and new features since you last reviewed your options.

ParJenn can help to enable you:

  • Take advantage of the latest trends
  • Reduce cost with cloud subscriptions
  • Ease of access with mobile-enabled applications
  • Deploy the ideal configuration for your organization
  • Email migration services
  • User management, maintenance and technical support
  • Spam protection protects your email and network from spam, computer viruses, malware

We support Microsoft Office 365 with SharePoint

Microsoft Office 365 is synonymous with improving productivity and enabling your employees to do more in a working day. Millions of users rely on Word, PowerPoint, and Excel to create, demonstrate, and calculate, but many businesses aren’t aware that today’s Office 365 offers much more,much more than the traditional applications. Does your organization use apps to collaborate? Socialize? Energize your entire enterprise? If you’ve never heard of Microsoft Delve, Sway, or Yammer, it’s time to learn more how ParJenn can help increase your team’s productivity and efficiency.

We specialize in selecting the right subscription or procurement model on both Microsoft Office365 and Google Suite, provisioning, managing and maintaining the next generation of cloud based email and collaboration software throughout your organization, all at a lower cost of ownership than traditional models or dedicated team. Spam protection protects your email and network from spam, computer viruses, malware.

Every organization needs a corporate intranet.  Microsoft SharePoint is the platform of choice for the world’s highest performing companies, combining traditional document library, calendar, and informational features with best-in-class workflow, task management, and leading new social enterprise tools.  In addition, the solution is now fully cloud-based easing deployment and eliminating costly infrastructure, making SharePoint more powerful and capable than ever.  Perhaps even better, if you are an Office365 business subscriber, you might already have SharePoint included in your licensing.

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ParJenn is a Leading Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider

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    Multi-factor authentication


Our services provide a vast range of benefits

  • We ADVISE:

    Selecting the right cloud computing applications to solve your business pain points can be a tremendous task, especially when you need to consider the bandwidth and resources necessary to run and set-up your cloud computing applications

  • We BUILD

    loud application services should go hand-in-hand with your business goals while enhancing day-to-day operations. Once you’ve found the right cloud computing application to suit your needs, you want to ensure that it is seamlessly deployed into your environment.


    Cloud-based applications are constantly being updated to fix bugs, mitigate security risks, and provide better user experiences. Our cloud application services team can help manage your applications so that you never have to worry about missing an update or not having enough internal workload bandwidth available to support your application.

  • We SECURE:

    Cloud applications store a repository of data that can include passwords, proprietary information, client lists, etc. This is why cloud application services, such as cloud application monitoring, are so important for businesses. At ParJenn, we can work with you to ensure your cloud infrastructure is secured so that your data remains your data.


    Not finding the right solution to fit your needs? Our web development team can work with you to create a line-of-business application that can be custom fit to your pain points. As a custom cloud application SaaS provider, ParJenn gives businesses more control over their technology, services and operation.

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