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Succeed with A Virtual CTO or CIO


What is Cyber-Security?

ParJenn offers CTO and Virtual CIO services dedicated to reducing overhead and giving you a competitive advantage.

Whether you need an expert on hand during a business transition or IT leadership on an ongoing basis, ParJenn has the answer. Our Chief Technology Officer (CTO) and Virtual Chief Information Officer  (vCIO) outsourced services provide your organization with access to experienced, high-level professionals who can deliver C-Level leadership to your team without the cost and commitment associated with hiring full-time employees.

All ParJenn CTOs and vCIOs are Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL®) certified and follow a practical, no-nonsense framework for identifying, planning, delivering, and supporting your IT services.

When you outsource executive IT functions to ParJenn, we move quickly and efficiently to analyze your organization’s situation, take control and accountability for driving IT strategy, and recommend specific ways technology can make your business more competitive in the marketplace.

Our vCTO services will help you better utilize and plan your technology of today and tomorrow. Let’s get started


Your dedicated Virtual CTO/CIO will handle:

  • Overall IT policy, direction and budgeting

  • Audit performance of existing infrastructure.

  • Risk Analysis

  • Network development advice.

  • Regular audit reports and asset registry.

  • Management and quality assurance of third-party suppliers.

  • Attendance at management and board meetings.

  • Telephone availability for general technical discussion

  • Advice on software and hardware purchases


Our services provide a unique range of benefits

  • Unparalleled Expertise

    Real-world experience and an unbiased view of best practices ensure your organization is more efficient and productive

  • Dedication and Focus

    Tough business decisions expertly addressed to help take your organization to the next level

  • Significant Cost Savings

    In addition to avoiding salaries, benefits, bonuses, etc. for in-house CTOs and vCIOs, we help tackle your IT budget and reduce costs

Stop wasting time and money on ancient technology. Let’s get started