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SOC Prime Threat Bounty Digest: June 2024 Results Released

In June, SOC Prime’s Threat Bounty Program members started using Uncoder AI to create, validate, and submit rules for review before the release on the SOC Prime Platform. We are happy to provide authors with th...

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Beware of the Latest Volcano Demon Ransomware Attack: Adversaries Unleash LukaLocker Malware with Phone Call Ransom Demands

New ransomware maintainers have rapidly emerged in the cyber threat arena, employing innovative locker malware and a variety of detection evasion tactics. The ransomware gang dubbed “Volcano Demon” leverages no...

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Unleashing Managed Deception in Cybersecurity: Part 1 – Easy Outs

In a previous blog, we discussed how the “businessification” of cybercrime has coalesced around tried and true tools, techniques, and procedures, giving us a solid understanding of how these attacks happen. Sec...

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